About our values


Whatever we do we want to leave this planet and the people we work with in a better state than we found them. The most important is the realisation that we're not alone, nor first nor last and we keep that always in mind.


Fruit Fibers are completly natural materials that mimic characteristics of either leather, foam, plastic, ... We created a way to combine those characteristic without compromising on our comfort or our values.


Nature has a solution for everything and we found a way to emphasize desired characteristics without harmful chemicals or synthetic additives. Creating materials that are kind to our body and especially our skin, kind to our planet and its resources and even kind to our morals and values.


This is one of the most important directions that we have set and it is guiding us toward developing a new business model for circular economy and a way to integrate a system where up-cycling is the standard and virgin materials are hardly ever used.


We are devoted to keep looking for better solutions and improving our prodution and products in line with our values. We are doing our best to offer optimal solutions to our community and will keep doing so.