Made from discarded / surplus fruits

Why FruitFibers?

We at FruitFibers believe that the world needs MORE people who care, MORE people who want to make a difference, MORE people who understand that they can make a difference. Together we can create a greener future for all, one apple at a time!

Biodegradeable plant-based alternative material

FruitFibers is the choice of enviormentally- friendly, innovative and creative individual, who believes that looking good can also feel good, throughout the whole production process. Sustainability is a way of life for our team and we are more than happy to share our product, experiences and knowledge!

We take biodegradable fruit waste and obtain a material that can be used in different aspects of design industry; from architecture, interior design, industrial design, apparel and accessories, wearable art, packaging and promotional material and we are discovering that even many many more. We’re proud to offer a variety of different possible applications of FruitFibers that is created with great care for the environment and local communities.

We are a small, but carefully selected team that is passionate about our planet. Our main values are to remain biodegradable, and chemicals and plastic free. We also proud ourselves in local and small scale start-up development and production. No matter if you're just curious about alternative, biodegradable and environment friendly materials or a passionate world changer, feel free to contact us for any further information

Love a great leather jacket but don't want to wear dead animals? FruitFibers is a great alternative to animal or faux leather, that is biodegradable and gentle to our skin. The material is all natural and therefore has great breathing properties and is appropriate for replacing any material that comes in contact with our skin.

We are exploring different applications and uses for FruitFibers with; Modular applications - without stitching; Mimetics - texture manipulations to achieve water repellent characteristics or a certain color; Micro-capsules; Smart textiles both electronic + functional; Laser cutting &3D printing